DDM November Tour 2017

contact us for A3 print flyer..

November 2017 DDM Tour!

DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta) Berlin/San Francisco

 * introducing special guests

 “Nadir” from Benevento/Berlin

Proposed show : approx 3 hours 15 mins

Nadir : 25 mins

DDM : 50 mins

DJ Malatesta : 60 mins

DJ Astrophat of Nadir : 60 mins



 Technical : 

please provide soundcheck for DDM and also Nadir where possible

what we need from you...

2 x stable tables for the stage (1 for DJ Malatesta *DDM and 1 for DJ Astrophat *NADIR) 

2 x power supply, 1 for DDM and one for Nadir

2 xlr/cannon cables from each dj/mixer/table to PA (4 cables) we have balaced outputs no di boxes required

2 x Mic Cables to PA

1 x Mic for Nadir (DD uses her own)

Monitors :

1 minimum for each table

1 or 2 minimum at the front of the stage for the rappers

Please leave the EQ on the main PA desk Flat if possible

Lighting :  

some sort would be cool on the djs and the rappers where possible

Merchandise/distro :

We need 1x med/large size well lit table for our merch/distro please.

EK Distro

Money :


for both DDM and Nadir *we will accept more if you can :) midweek nights are negotiable...

Monday :  

Tuesday :  

Wednesday : 

Thursday :

Friday : € 650

Saturday : € 650

Sunday :  

Hospitality :

Parking for a van at sleeping place and venue if possible

2 x quiet clean sleeping rooms please :  

1 x DDM (2 people) 

1 x Nadir (3 People, includes our friend driver camera man Otto)

Fresh veg food for 5..

Greens for smoking where possible :)

most of us don’t drink alcohol but water and juice would be appreciated.